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"Oh God, don't stop."

Little princes. Little brats. First times. Hard and without protection. What more... Leer más

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"Oh God, don't stop."

Little princes. Little brats. First times. Hard and without protection. What more do you need?

You'll be reading these one-handed!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"So, what do you think we should do this weekend?"

Liam, his friend Carter, and Liam's 18-year old stepsister Leslie are all sitting around the table at Carter's house. They're eating dinner, Liam and Leslie having arrived just half an hour ago.

"I'm not sure," Liam admits. "Maybe we could go to the beach?"

"It'd be a good time to do it," Carter tells them. "The water's perfect this time of year."

Leslie spears the last piece of her steak on the tines of her fork and pops it into her mouth, chewing.

"Do you want any more food?" Carter suddenly asks her, making her raise her eyebrows at him. She covers her mouth and tries chewing quickly, swallowing the delicious morsel of meat.

"Mm, I might," she says. "This is really good."

"Yeah, it's delicious," Liam chimes in. Leslie gives her stepbrother a smile.

Ever since Leslie turned 18 she knew she had to grow up. She had to become mature. But Leslie isn't mature. Deep down, she's just a little brat who wants what she wants and won't stop until she gets it.

And what does she want right now? Right now she wants Liam, her stepbrother. Liam, that smoking hot man. He's all she can think about. Even though she's a virgin she can't stop thinking about having him pin her down and just bang the living daylights out of her until he finally fills her with his seed.

"You know what?" Carter says, pushing back from the table. "I just remembered that I have a conference call I have to be a part of tonight."

"Is that happening now?" Liam asks as he and Leslie similarly get up from the table.

"It's in a few minutes, yeah," Carter says.

"Well, we can just go unpack," Leslie tells him. "It's no problem."

Carter smiles.

"You two are the best," he says, and so he leaves to head to his office while Liam and Leslie go upstairs to their rooms.

Leslie follows her stepbrother into his room, and when Liam turns around to see her there he's a little shocked.

"Leslie?" he says. "Your stuff isn't in here."

But Leslie doesn't respond. She takes a step towards her stepbrother, her eyes up and locked onto his.

Liam is so close to Leslie, she can hardly believe it. She can see the varying color of his irises. She can smell his heady scent. He looks incredible, and it all makes her body quiver with desire.

"Ahhh," Leslie says, giving her arms a stretch. "It's good to take a break, you know?"

"I hear that," her stepbrother says. She lowers her arms and looks at him, a devilish smile coming over her lips.

"So what do you want to do?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. Liam smiles back at her.

"I had a few ideas," he says, looking into his little stepsister's eyes.

Leslie and Liam look at each other. She sees him staring at her, his expression unreadable, his glowing blue eyes alive with somethingsomething

Leslie can't breathe. She's trapped in those eyes of his, unable to get away. She feels her lips part and Liam's gaze drops down to them for a second. She sees him part his own lips, ever so slightly, and as he moves his head down to hers she closes her eyes, her body acting through instinct, without any intervention from her brain just a moment before they kiss.

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