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?We have been rather lengthy in our remarks on this book, as it is the best attempt we have ever seen to shame very bad players into trying to improve, and also because it abounds with most sensible maxims, dressed up in a very amusing and palatable form.??The Field. ?'Whist; or Bumblepuppy?? is one of the most entertaining and at the same time one of the soundest books on Whist ever written. Its drollery may blind some readers to the value of its advice; no man who knows anything about Whist, however, will fail to read it with interest, and few will fail to read it with advantage. Upon the ordinary rules of Whist 'Pembridge? supplies much sensible and thoroughly amusing comment. The best player in the world may gain from his observations, and a mediocre player can scarcely find a better counsellor. There is scarcely an opinion expressed with which we do not coincide.??Sunday Times. ?Lectures on the points most essential to the acquisition of a complete knowledge of the game. The lessons here given will well repay perusal.??Bell?s Life. ?All true lovers of Whist will give a hearty welcome to this work. It is a small book, but full of weighty matter. We have not space to analyse the positive rules laid down by 'Pembridge? for the guidance of those who wish to qualify as Whist players. Suffice it to say that they are all sound, and most of them worth committing to memory.??Sportsman. ?It would be very easy to write at greater length than we have done in praise of 'Pembridge?s? little book. But we have said enough to indicate its nature and scope; and we feel sure that any of our readers who may meet with it will endorse our verdict that it is a real addition to the literature of Whist.??Australasian.