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A globe-trotting thriller from the author of His First His Second and Three Years Dead.

When his mentor?s niece rips off a local organised crime syndicate and disappears, Adam Park ? a former private investigator and security consultant ? has little choice but to return home to help track her down.

As he commences his investigation, it becomes clear the troubled young woman was acting under the influence of a domineering boyfriend and, using cutting edge technology, Adam tracks the pair to Paris. Here, he learns not only have they involved themselves in a criminal venture that may now cost them their lives, but elements back home are also seeking revenge upon them.

Pursuing them from the UK to Paris, then out into the wider world, Adam will confront an international network of criminals for whom human life is nothing but another business commodity. If he is to survive, return the girl safely, and protect the people he cares for most, he must delve into the darkest recesses of his soul, and blur his previously-solid concepts of right and wrong.

Q. This is your third book. What makes this different?
A. My debut His First His Second was a serial killer thriller featuring an unusual British detective, then Three Years Dead saw a corrupt cop waking up from a murder attempt with no memory. Both were grounded in my home city of Leeds, and while Twilight Burning does feature the story world from the first two, I have a real international mystery here.

Q. It?s the first in a series. Does that mean a cliffhanger?
A. No, it?s a self-contained story that will hopefully leave the reader wanting another. As with all detective series there will be continuing elements throughout his private life, but the cases themselves will all resolve.

Q. Who will this appeal to?
A. Anyone who liked my first two books, of course, but I think fans of most ongoing private detective series will enjoy it, so if you can?t get enough of the Charlie Parker novels by John Connolly (Every Dead Thing, The Wolf of Winter, A Song of Shadows), or even the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child (Personal, Never go Back, Make Me) and Myron Bolitar by Harlan Coben (Live Wire, Drop Shot, Back Spin), maybe give Adam Park a try. Personally, I also love Dennis Lehane and his Kenzie and Genero series (A Drink Before the War, Gone Baby Gone, Darkness Take My Hand), and Dave Robicheaux created by James Lee Burke (Light of the World, The Glass Rainbow, The Neon Rain).

Q. So you?ve taken a lot of inspirations from other PIs.
A. Yes, but my creation Adam Park is not quite ?there? yet. He isn?t this expert private investigator, he isn?t a super-human fighting machine, and he isn?t quite able to kill people with impunity. I am trying to show the evolution of a ?hard boiled? detective, so the series will see how he grows into the role of a tough-guy gumshoe.

Q. Jack Reacher vs Adam Park ? who wins?
A. To be honest, Jack Reacher would likely cream Adam in a one-on-one fistfight. At the moment, anyway. Adam knows how to fight, but he?s more the sort of guy the average Joe doesn?t mess with rather than feared internationally. It?s his willpower, his cunning, and his commitment to his cause that sets him apart from his antagonists.

Q. Is this a straightforward mystery with a fairly tough protagonist?
A. No, it crosses into international crime and mystery, and there?s something of a pulp element to it, in similar way that my novel Three Years Dead had. He is a British detective, under pressure from a vengeful organized crime boss, and pursues a girl who may be the victim of a kidnapping to Paris, then the trail leads to some very dark conspiracies.

Q. Action-Adventure elements?
A. Some. There?s hand-to-hand combat, a bit of gunplay, an extensive chase sequence. But it all leads to a healthy dose of vigilante justice and to something of an international conspiracy.

Q. So definitely the first in a series with more to come?
A. I hope so. Yes. Yes it is. If people like it enough.