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The Fantasy World Of Hollywood Where Friends And Loyalties Come And Go Like The Shifting Sands. Eddie Collins' Investigation Into Threatening Letters Being Sent To His A-List Director Friend Mike Ford Turns Up Murder, Rape, Kidnapping, Revenge.

Hollywood actor/private eye Eddie Collins is hired to find the source of cryptic, threatening letters being sent to his A-List friend Director Mike Ford. His investigation points to people involved in the filming of a movie Ford directed years ago called Red Desert. A rape was committed during that shoot, and Eddie begins to believe that the wrong person may have been convicted of the crime. Two deranged actors, seeking revenge, kidnap Ford's daughter and hold her in a remote canyon. When wildfire threaten to engulf the entire region, the attempt to rescue her is jeopardized and Eddie?s long-time friendship with Mike Ford is tested, a friendship that was forged against the backdrop of Hollywood, where friends and loyalties come and go like shifting sands.

"My friend Clive Rosengren has created a guy I'd like to get to know: Eddie Collins. I wouldn't mess with him, but you'd want his number in your wallet."

"I like this character Eddie Collins. He's tough, funny and has the classic private eye's world-weary wisdom. I hope to see much more of him."

"Kidnapping! Murder! Wild fires! Hollywood veteran Eddie Collins tackles it all in his latest outing. Veteran insider, author Clive Rosengren, swings a wide net for his actor-cum-private eye. Collins adeptly switches from actor to P.I., follows clues, soothes emotions and solves several crimes. Enjoyable, fast and loaded with the author's trademark keen insights."-CARL BROOKINS, Author of the "Sean P.I." series.